Meet Lusty.

This is Lusty. Lusty Tubbs to give you her full name.


She was on the patio when we arrived and we weren’t convinced that we’d let her stay. But we gave her a name. Our predecessor was Mrs Tubbs, and from the legal paperwork we discovered her middle name was Lusty. We loved it and so our Lusty Tubbs was christened.

And she’s getting involved with life at Fishponds.

While we were kitted out in dust masks and goggles for the initial dirty work of pulling up carpets and ripping out kitchens, Lusty too was seen in goggles and a mask.jake dust mask_Snapseed

Last week she was suddenly sporting a red bucket as a hat – we’re assuming this was Millsy’s work before he headed off to the desert in Abu Dhabi.

Do we need a statue of a scantily clad female at Fishponds? I guess the answer is yes, and reckon Lusty is here to stay.